With the Clippers going nowhere, they might be looking to trade DeAndre Jordan to get some value in return.

Recently, longest-tenured Clipper DeAndre Jordan has been linked to numerous trade rumors and after two years without an agent, DeAndre Jordan decided to hire Jeff Schwartz to act as his representation under Excel Sports Management. Agent Jeff Schwartz also represents key NBA players like Harrison Barnes, Ricky Rubio, Kemba Walker, Andre Drummond, and Kevin Love.

The Clippers are currently 8-14 in the win-loss column and with the team having to deal with numerous injuries to their key guys, rival teams are starting to reach out for a potential trade deal with the all star center. After committing verbally to Dallas back in 2015, DeAndre Jordan changed course as he signed a $87-million four-year deal to stay with Los Angeles. He is expected to opt out of the fourth year of his deal to become a free agent this upcoming summer.

Nonetheless, the Clippers are in a conundrum whether to blow it up or to continue on what they have now. Jordan is the team’s most attractive trade asset and only time will tell whether on where he’ll end up soon.


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