It has been to nobody’s surprise that the New York Knicks have been one of the biggest disappointments in the NBA for the last 4 decades.

Having won their last championship in 1973 and reaching their last Finals in the days of Patrick Ewing, it is also safe to say that the beloved Knicks have just been a laughing stock in more recent memories.

New York is supposed to be that city that represents basketball from an international level.  From Rucker Park in Harlem, to West 4th Street Courts in Manhattan, this city breeds basketball glory like the names of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rafer Alston, Kenny Anderson, and many more.

Most of the blame comes from the management, and rightfully so, and more specifically James Dolan, the owner since 1999 and Phil Jackson, President of Basketball Operations since 2014 (-2017).

It was as though all hope was lost in the summer of 2017.  Carmelo, after so much talks of trade and signing elsewhere for what it seemed like forever, was still a Knickerbocker.  Even after the June 28th firing of Phil Jackson (better late than never), Carmelo was still there.  It also seemed their promising rising star, Kristaps Porzingis would live under Melo’s shadow until he decided to retire.

It seemed that Kristaps was the only good move, when he was drafted in 2015, after what the Knicks have brought in to “improve” their roster before him, AND EVEN PORZINGIS WAS AN ACCIDENT.  No-one knew about him or his talent at the time, so nobody knew what to expect.  He just kind of… happened.  You can’t blame the Knicks fans for booing him, too.  They have been accustomed to hearing names like Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon, Lou Amundson and more being signed by the Knicks to help contribute.  Not to say they are scrubs, but they aren’t exactly players you can rely to consistently provide scoring and major plays in crunch time to push for a deep playoff run with LeBron on the other side of the bracket.

But then Carmelo was finally traded two days before training camp. Right in the “Knick” of time, if I do say so myself.

This gave the biggest green light in New York City to the Unicorn.  Porzingod.  The Zinger.  Whichever fits your preference.  Either way, the new era in New York began, the Porzingis Era.

So far the Knicks have started out 7-6, which is actually quite good for them considering everyone expected worse and coincidentally it seems that their most impressive game of the season was actually a loss. Last night the Cavaliers came into the Garden 0-1 against the Knicks.

What was most impressive was how electric the crowd was.  When was the last time you heard Madison Square Garden sound alive again?  Regardless of the loss, they lost to a close game which really shows the promise this learning team poses.  They stood up for their rookie, Frank Ntilikina when he was pushed by LeBron and that alone shows the brotherhood being built which we definitely have NOT seen by the Knicks in recent memory.  All we can recant is controversy and drama.

And what else is seriously impressive? Kristaps.

The man has balled out averaging 30.2 pts 7.8 rebounds 2.2 blks on 50% shooting.  He is already seen as many as the next in line with Antetokounmpo, Towns, Embiid, and Simmons as the next in line for the NBA.  A 7’3″ player with an 8′ wingspan that can shoot from the perimeter, knocks down 3’s with ease, possesses a nice inside game with good footwork, and has a dangerous putback and he is easily the legitimate ultimate package.  No-one can really block him, because nobody can really REACH him.  He dominates his opponents and he is probably the biggest matchup nightmare next to Giannis.

Watch out New York… you guys have a Biiiig Apple.


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