“I ain’t expecting shit”

When asked what he’s expecting from Melbourne, that was Russell Westbrook’s reply.
If a picture says 1000 words, a quote can be taken a 1000 different ways.
The way I interpret Westbrook’s quote is this; he’s not expecting any real competition from any overseas team or player that garners enough respect to care about. And rightly so.

Russell Westbrook is the reigning Most Valuable Player in the greatest basketball league in the world playing against the greatest players in the world. He averaged 31.6 ppg, 10.4 apg & 10.7 rpg. HE AVERAGED A TRIPLE DOUBLE. Against the greatest players in the world. He lost his partner in crime (Durant) during the off-season, so what did Westbrook do? He went full beast mode unlike anyone in recent history. With Oklahoma City on his back, Westbrook dominated the entire competition much like some other guy named Mike did in the 80’s and 90’s.

Enter now. With a preseason match looming against Melbourne United, all Australian fans await eagerly to see how the Aussie’s will shape up against the freshest Superteam in the NBA.
Unfortunately, the game will inevitably be a dud. Sure all is well and good for Melbourne, the experience and chance to play against an NBA team will be once in a lifetime for some.
But they will be lining up against a reserve team at best. Westbrook might play a quarter. He might even jog around for a half. Paul George and Melo will probably do less than Westbrook and happily so.
Steven Adams might toy with the opposition for a little, throw his body around playfully for a bit.
It’s all just for show though and they’ll all leave the game early and enjoy themselves smiling and joking from the bench. For them, professional athletes of the highest standard, this means nothing more than what it is; a preseason exhibition game with very little meaning.

In the end a close game means Coach Billy Donovan suited up and played some half court ball. The final result WON’T be close though and even as the game continues to grow around the world, no NBA team should ‘expect shit’ from any travelling Australian side. Enjoy the show.


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