Warrior rookie Jordan Bell has caused alot of chatter and debate between basketballing fans and the league’s biggest stars with his off the backboard alley-oop to himself in the dying moments of their recent mmatchup with the Mavs. Was it right? Was it wrong? Is there an unwritten rule against such play and behaviour? I mean, if it’s UNWRITTEN, how does anyone even know about it? Do the Basketball gods hide the clues in the game ball fabric? Us mere mortals might never know. Until more certain evidence can be found, let us debate and discuss basketball and all its going ons.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less about what he did. A fresh rookie looking to have some fun and enjoy a special moment in his first season? Good on him. If any of us were out there playing and had the same opportunity at the same time, would we formally stride in and deliver a courteous finger roll? Hell no, I’d deliver that ball to the bottom of the net with a dunk like I’ve been practicing on mini hoops my whole life.
Jordan Bell; you lived the dream, you did it man. Congratulations. Enjoy it. Screw the haters. Do it again. Who cares? And if all else fails, remember, LeBron had your back on this one. The Kings word is final.


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