While the Cavaliers have rebounded from their horrendous start this season, winning 14 out of their last 15 games, rumors are continuously swirling around the league on where LeBron James may end up after this season. James is no stranger to free agency and moving elsewhere, as he did it twice in Miami and Cleveland. He has a player option and is expected to opt out to be a free agent next summer.

Sam Amick from USA today reported that the Houston Rockets, who are 20-4 so far, could make a strong push for LeBron James this offseason. Not only do they believe they have a legitimate case, other GMs across the league believe it too, via USA Today:

“While James has made it clear that he won’t deliberate his uncertain future until the Cavs’ season is complete, there is strong belief in Rockets circles that they’ll have a legitimate shot at landing the four-time MVP this summer. Rival executives also believe the Rockets will have a real chance.”

Basketball-wise, Houston would make a lot of sense for LeBron James. He’ll have a chance to unite with one of his banana boat buddies in Chris Paul, who chose Houston for a good reason, and an MVP candidate in James Harden. The Rockets would arguably have the talent LeBron would want to play with, but the financial aspects of this move might be tricky for the management. However, GM Daryl Morey has always been known to make bold moves in order to acquire elite talent.

What do you think of this possible move? Could we see LeBron James rock the Rockets jersey like the picture below? Let us know down in the comments.

Credits to Basketball Forever for the photo.


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