It is safe to say the the Big Baller Brand has had a rough month this November.  In most recent news comes the arrest of middle-child LiAngelo Ball after being caught shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton store next to his hotel.  I mean come on, he got a new Ferrari right out of high-school and he had to steal from a store? Some patience and integrity and he could have bought the whole store from marketing revenue that Big Baller Brand would get in a years sales alone. 

Put that along with the disappointing play from Lonzo in his first several games, and it seems that BBB is getting an overall reputation grade so far of FFF.

Lonzo Ball, in the month of November so far, has averaged 6 pts 6.5 asts and 4.5 rbs. In all his games so far (October included), he has shot 29% from the field, 23% from 3 point range, and the most disappointing is that he only averages 1.2 free throws a game…. yes, 1.2.  This indicates his lackluster style of play on the offensive end to drive to the basket and create plays for others or for himself. He hasn’t been aggressive to say the least, and his only good game was against a Phoenix Suns team that just came off a record margin loss in their home-opener.

If he wants to be anything like what people want him to be, or expect to be, he needs to start by driving more and creating more opportunities.  Whether it be fouled to shoot free throws, or kicking to a 3 point shot in the corner, or also dumping it to a hungry Brook Lopez and Julius Randle in the paint, one thing is for certain:

Lonzo needs to BALL.

Remember: Good things happen when you drive to the paint.

But don’t take this as a knock on the Ball family.  Who wants to wish bad luck on a family that wants to strive to succeed on the highest level? Not me at least.  We would love nothing more than to see the Los Angeles Lakers be “Showtime” again with Magic himself sitting at the drivers wheel.  We just hope that this little rut is nothing more than what it is, a little rut.  Here’s to hoping that FFF bounces back to AAA (aka BBB).




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