No more East vs West playoffs ?!

Through the last several years and maybe even beyond, one particular conference has been much better then the other. The NBA’s Western conference has been overpowered, while the east will have several teams that don’t belong in the playoffs make it… so it’s always sparked a debate about getting rid of the East and West playoffs. Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad things about it and then you can decide for yourself.

The first thing to look at of course is the tradition and that the NBA has been built East vs West for decades and decades. You never want to break a tradition that’s been long standing and well in place. That’s gonna be a Negative ❌.

No matter if your a fan of a team in the East, or in the West… we can all Amit one thing for sure. If you take the best 16 teams and put them in, the matchups will be bigger and better then ever. There should never be a dull or boring playoff series. That’s a big time positive ✅ for the fans, and for the NBA to make even more money and tv ratings.

One of the things that the NBA lacks more then any other sport, is rivalries and teams that just straight up hate each other. And obviously if the NBA were to split up the conferences and join them together, you would rarely see the same teams every year in the playoffs. Which would really make it tough on the NBA to have rivalries. So yes this is a negative, but it’s not much of a loss because the NBA already has almost none. So this one is going down the middle ➡️.

These are just a few of the many different good and bad things that could happen if the NBA does in fact get rid of East vs West. They’ve already done it for the all star game, now will they do it all together ?


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