“This ain’t summer league, bro”

Draymond Greens response when asked about Dennis Smith Jr. trying to posterize him during the Mavs/Warriors recent match up was taunting and will come back to bite him before his days in the L are over.

He followed it up with;

“Better luck next time”

Oh Draymond, watch out from here on in! You’ve just become the target for all high flyers and rim rockers. Expect to see him on the receiving end of multiple highlights this year, ducking and running for cover as he is dunked on and over by all.

Unfortunately for Draymond, no one is perfect. Just look at the Warriors historic season. 73 wins? It’s not quite 82 is it? Harsh I know, but it proves my point. As much as Green will bash and bully (and kick) anyone who comes near him, at some stage he’s going to get caught sleeping. And watch as social media feeds on it.
Oh Draymond, watch out.



Dennis Smith Jr. sits in a dark room, watching tape of the Warriors game with Rick Carlisle. The moments comes and Smith Jr takes flight against Green only to be bodied out before reaching the hoop. Rewind. Play. Watch. Rewind. Play. Watch.
Smith Jr knows the challenge has been set. He’s been on social media, he’s been sent the link of Greens interview by numerous friends. He’s talked to teammates and rookies alike. He’s heard all the talk and he knows what people expect next.
Draymonds a champ, he’s set in the L and has a name for himself. Smith Jr is a rook with his whole future ahead of him. Green is now in his way and he wants to prove himself badly.
He sits and waits to see what his coach has to say. Silence. Then;

“Next time, make sure you finish him”

Challenge set.



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