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When you’re in the process of a rebuild of one of the most successful and storied franchises in professional sports there will be a lot of backlash.  There will also be zero patience from fans and media.  As President of the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson has traveled all around the country and what everyone wants to know is when will the Los Angeles Lakers be back in contention.  When will the rebuild be over? Has he found the next heir apparent to Kobe Bryant to lead the franchise for the next 15-20 years.

When the new regime of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka took over, there was a renewed sense that the Lakers would be back on top sooner rather than later.  They got to work immediately by shipping Timofey Mozgov and beleaguered guard D’Angelo Russell to Brooklyn in exchange for Robin Lopez and the number 27th overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft.  On their pursuit of clearing enough cap space to bring to max contract players to Hollywood in the summer of 18.  However not only do they need to clear the cap space but they also need to show great improvement with the roster and the coaching staff to entice star players.

Through 24 games of the NBA season the Los Angeles Lakers have showed a nice young nucleus that includes players such as:  Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Larry Nance Jr. and Kyle Kuzma as well as budding superstar Brandon Ingram leading the way.  Their improvement in development individually and as a team has yet the reflect on their overall record, going 9-15.  They have beaten teams such as: Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76ers, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Denver Nuggets.  Also going wire to wire with the reigning defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.  One thing this young roster has shown is that they’re vastly improving and compete every night on both ends.

When you take a look at the coaching staff you realize they are a young inexperienced staff as well.  They have cost the team a few games late with rotations but they’re slowing being recognized by the national media with the likes of the Boston Celtics staff led by Brad Stevens and the Brooklyn Nets staff led by Kenny Atkinson.  Being young doesn’t exactly excuse crucial mistakes that can cost you because accountability must be attained.  Magic Johnson discussed in his interview on Spectrum SportsNet, the whole organization, including Luke Walton, are being evaluated in his every decision and will be held accountable for mistakes. “We feel Luke is gonna get better. Our coach is young our team is young, we have to have patience. He (Luke) made 2 mistakes during Clippers game. My job is to hold everyone accountable and make them better”  This comment only insures Laker fans that the boss is watching and making sure everyone in the organization is doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.  One could only imagine there are star players watching this unfold and have a very good feeling about what the direction the team is headed.  Summer 2018 will be a very interesting time for the Lakers and their front office, in their hopes of bringing the franchise to prominence once again.


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