We saw that game last Saturday right? The Golden State Warriors vs The Memphis Grizzlies. With 43 seconds to go and the Grizzlies up by 8 points, Curry drives to the basket, makes it but no foul was called.

Due to this, Steph throws his mouthpiece in frustration. Unfortunately, it hit a referee. We can’t tell if it’s intentional or not. Remember he did the same thing during the 2016 NBA Finals where the Cavs won the championship? He threw his mouthpiece and it hit a fan.

Talk about accuracy.

No suspension was made. Skip Bayless even said “Adam Silver gets no gold for this one. This is just shameful.” He was referring to the fine because no suspension was made.

There were even comments stating that if it wasn’t the 2x MVP, that player, who threw his mouthpiece maybe suspended for several games. But, as Skip has said, “This is catering to the 2 time MVP.”

Do you agree with just a fine and not a suspension? Do you agree with Skip Bayless saying that the NBA favors Steph Curry?

Tell us your comments below.


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