The game of basketball is changing before you know it as teams are shooting more threes than ever before. The NBA is becoming a three-point dominant league and it is starting to be compulsory for NBA players to equip themselves with a three-point shot in order to remain relevant in the league.

The NBA introduced the three-pointer in the 1979-80 season. At first, it was just considered as a “gimmick” and wasn’t heavily used, but as time went on, teams became more reliant on the three-point shot. In fact, the number of three-point attempts per game has increased from 2.8 in 1980 to 30.7 in 2017! The Houston Rockets are attempting 44.3 shots per game while having the best record in the West, which says a lot.

The ability for a player to shoot from deep will cause the defender to scramble to his advantage. In fact, the game is changing so much that we are seeing big men shooting threes with ease like Joel Embiid and Kristaps Porzingis. It’s either you adapt to the game or you are out sooner or later. But sadly, some players are yet to acquire a reliable three-point shot. Sixers big man Jahlil Okafor is a great post player but because he’s lacking a three-point shot, he is benched right now. The three-pointer is here to stay and teams will have to embrace it in order to give themselves a chance to win ball games. A vital part of scouting is knowing if a player has a reliable three-pointer or not. If a player does, it will boost their stock and he will always be a welcome addition on the team’s offense.

The picture below shows the Houston Rockets shot chart this season. No mid-range shots are allowed I suppose.

For more tips on shooting, read more about these here and here. Make sure that you practice a lot with the proper mechanics if you want to improve on your game!


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