The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors faced off in a overtime affair during Kobe’s jersey retirement ceremony yesterday. The Warriors won narrowly with the score of 116-114, thanks to Kevin Durant’s clutch jumper and David West’s block on Lonzo Ball’s layup attempt to tie the game. Despite the loss, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram held their own against the defending champs, scoring 25 and 19 respectively.

However, not only did Ingram’s performance held its own during the game, his sneakers on-court also caught the eyes of those who watched the game. He and fellow Adidas endorser Nick Young both rocked the Adidas Boost You Wear (BYW) Sneaker during the game. The said sneakers feature a mix of Primeknit uppers, mesh, and leather on the toebox area while featuring a boost midsole for its tooling cushion-wise. The outsole looks similar to some of the old Kobe Adidas shoes as the shoes are an update to the Adidas’ Feet You Wear technology, which was featured on some Adidas models back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

No timetable for a release date and pricing was revealed yet. However, we on BAA will try to get as much details as we can regarding these information. What do you think about these new Adidas’ on-court kicks? Would they be on the same level as the Crazy Explosives or the Dame 4’s? Let us know down in the comments on what you think.



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