Because of his relentless work ethic, Steph Curry is now regarded as one of the world’s best basketball players.

Before you go on reading this post, I hope you read on how to make the team first here.

When you already made the team, I am pretty sure that you won’t want to be someone who’s going to sit on the bench. But as you would go further on your basketball journey, there will be times that you sitting on the bench will be inevitable. Doubts will creep in, your family and friends will wonder as to why you’re not playing even if you’re good enough to play, and it is in those moments where you’ll decide on whether all the hardwork, effort, and sacrifice are all worth it, However, the way you handle yourself will also determine whether you can change that or not.

It’s easy to blame it on the coach, seeing him as a fool who wouldn’t give you minutes or you might pout on the bench and even think about missing practice since you feel that you won’t play anyway. However, those things won’t help your cause for more playing time. Instead, it would justify your coach’s decision on why he shouldn’t let you play. Wanna know what’s your best chance at getting more playing time?

Two words: BE READY.

That’s it, being ready is the only thing that you could do to get on the coach’s good side. At some point, whether someone’s injured or not playing well, your coach is going to look over your bench and might call your number. But when that happens, are you up for the challenge? Are you the “next man up”? If you don’t respond well, you may not get another chance.

Whether you’re the star or the last guy off the bench for your team, if you’re always ready to contribute, there’s no doubt that you’ll play more.


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