Why P.J. Tucker is the GOAT in Sneaker Collection

Along with his toughness on the court, looks like P.J. Tucker's sneakers will be brought in as well for the Rockets.

NBA athletes are some of the luckiest guys, especially for sneakerheads. Because of the money (and endorsements) that they get from time to time, they can afford to get the sneakers that we like but most of us can’t have.

For Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker, sneaker collecting is like a culture and stems from his love of the game. When asked about the origins of his sneaker collection he explained, “Shoes have always been my thing, you know. My mom didn’t always have but she will spend her last on me getting me shoes I wanted as a kid. So it is something that has always just been my thing, my vice.”

Many remember him as the guy who wears a lot of Yeezys, Air Jordans, and other retros in his games. With a lot of sneakers at his disposal, he developed a great number of sneakerheads who regularly follow him just to see which shoes will he be wearing in games. He even told that people have been requesting him to wear the Nike Air Mags in a game. However, he wouldn’t wear them because they’re too heavy. When asked about some of this top shoes to hoop in of all time, he included: Kobe 4, Kobe 6, KD7, Huarache 2K4, and the Air Jordan 5.

Some of my favorites of what he wore in games are the ones below:

Air Jordan 5
Kobe 6
Air Jordan 2
LeBron 13

How about you? What are your favorite sneakers to hoop in? Let us know in the comments below.



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